Yoffy Press Releases Humble Cats

Added on by James Johnson.

Humble Cats is a collection of fine art photographs with feline cameos. Originally presented by Humble Arts Foundation as an online exhibition, this updated curatorial masterpiece (from Humble co-founders Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu) now features images by over 70 photographers. 

Hardcover, 9x7 inches
148 pages / 100 images
Edition of 1000

ISBN: 978-1-943948-09-3
Trade Edition:  $45.00

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And then there’s James Johnson’s Leap Aprés la Souris, an appropriation of Yves Klein’s classic 1960 image Leap into the Void, in which Klein hired photographers to recreate a jump from a second story window he claimed to have taken. In Johnson’s image, he replaces Klein’s likeness with a leaping cat. Johnson’s image is accessible to the meme-hungry and wink-worthy to the art historians and meta-obsessed.